Message from Chairman

Message from the chairman

“Deep Commitment for Sustainable Energy”


Bijay Rajbhandary


The vision of the Renewable Energy Journey is not a mere idea, but a deep commitment and belief to contribute to the Renewable Energy sector of Nepal which stimulated the founders of the Company to venture into the sector. With fossil fuel resources getting depleted very fast, we believe that Renewable Energy is the way to go in the future.

Urja, has initiated its Renewable Energy Journey with dedication for contribution towards hydropower development in the country by envisioning harnessing of 1 GW (1000 MW) hydropower potential in the country by 2030 AD, coherent with the plan and policy of the Government of Nepal. This targeted cumulative energy capacity has been approached through one or several projects being developed through multiple hydropower development companies operating under the umbrella concept of Urja. All projects have been meticulously chosen to complement the company’s strategy of Cascade and Corridor Vision with territorial undertaking allowing our teams to produce synergic performances and optimal usage of the resources.

The Renewal Energy journey is our passion and we look into each new project as an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and insights. We ensure reflection of such invaluable experiences in the implementation of the new undertaken projects, made possible by very competent and confident core team of professionals, who have extensive knowledge and experience in the sector, backing us up to ensure that our projects are executed efficiently and on time. Our dynamic team thrive to be the part of the learning community, which tries to gain knowledge from all sources and apply that knowledge for the good of the Company and the country.

Urja has always adopted contemporary best practices, innovation, technology and value engineering. The Company, like a magnificent tree is in the stage of growth, branching out and going to advent several other business arenas that support the journey. We have always moved with the times and thus are now expanding our wings by providing holistic solutions to the energy sector. We believe that the foray into the Hydropower Generation along with gamut of services to support the same, shall prove to be both lucrative as well as a robust business decision.

To achieve exponential growth in the business, we continue to explore diversified vertical integrations and strategic partnerships in our companies where many stakeholders from different arenas have joined hands with us. This journey has also been made possible by our wonderful shareholders who have shown confidence and trusted us with our commitment in the sector, as we continue to reach out to grow and serve. We thank all our stakeholders and welcome you to join us in this exhilarating voyage with enthusiasm.