Who we are

Who we are
Urja Developers Pvt. Ltd. (Urja Developers or Urja) was incorporated in 2016 under the Company Act of Nepal with the aim of being a holistic solution provider for the renewable energy (RE) sector. Committed to its GETBIG DNA, Urja Group is connected to partners, communities, and all stakeholders through sustainable energy development value-led investment.
Urja as an umbrella or group of companies has four verticals and special business units (SBUs) under its ecosystem. The subsidiaries are primarily the service provider companies, and the SBUs are the individual RE project companies. Through these companies, the Urja group envisions harnessing 1 GW (1000 MW) of carbon-neutral energy by 2030, contributing towards the Government of Nepal’s longer-term aim of generating all of its electricity from renewable sources, particularly hydropower and solar photovoltaics PV (photovoltaics). Already established a portfolio of hydropower projects with a cumulative installed capacity (CIC) of over 400 MW with two hydropower plants in operations and others in various phases of development, the group is further expanding the generation mix with other types of RE sources.

URJA MIsson 

Be recognized as a holistic solution provider in hydropower and renewables sector

Mission Statement

Urja is connected to communities and partners, thus lives, via clean energy. This connection is always developed and grown through responsible business endeavors by creating values for all stakeholders of the Urja ecosystem. As a one-stop-solution for renewable energy mainly hydro, Urja is always committed to generating and delivering green energy and leading the industry through competence and excellence. Performance in good governance, innovation at all levels, and strategic interventions to ever-maximize stakeholder value keep Urja at the forefront of industry.

Core Values






Urja, Rising Creators of Clean and Sustainable Energy

Urja maneuvers national and international practices on ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) while implementing hydropower and other renewable energy projects as a step towards creating clean and sustainable energy.

Guided by core values like Respect, Openness, Self-direction, Integrity, and Balance, Urja is connected with communities, partners, and stakeholders through responsible business endeavors that meticulously practice ESG (Environment, Science, Governance) objectives.

Urja, Evolving as a Holistic Solutions Provider

Within a very short stretch of time, Urja is growing to become the most preferred holistic solutions provider in the development and promotion of renewable energy projects involving every phase starting from planning, designing, implementation, and post-development support.

Urja possesses the human capital and resources optimized to deliver high-end business solutions which includes project development, management, consulting, and trading services at the most competitive cost in the short time-frame safeguarding the RoI (Return on Investment).

Urja, where Needs meet Solutions

At Urja, we provide energy solutions according to the need. Along with the highly efficient and outperforming team, the close and trusted working relationship of Urja with the government agencies and Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has developed us as a reliable solutions provider in the hydropower and renewable energy sector of Nepal. The inter-relation we share with international firms is advantageous for us in outsourcing the work with large volume.

Urja, A Brand that keeps going

Urja is a brand. We believe in enduring the challenges and keep going.