Urja E.S.G. Pvt. Ltd.

Urja ESG Pvt. Ltd. is a vertical of Urja Developers. The company was incorporated in May 2021 under the Company Act of Nepal with an aim to promote ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) considerations in Nepal’s energy sector.

Primarily focused on the renewable energy sector, the company carries an extended objective to foster international standard ESG policies and practices among Nepali businesses. 

At Urja ESG, we are driven toward impactful investment. The company plays the role of a steward in ensuring the ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) practices integration while implementing renewable energy projects which maximize the value of the business and create larger impacts. 


ESG Stewardship, Mitigating Risks, Elevating Benefits

Our Services


ESG Criteria Integration and Policy Formulation

Promotes the integration of ESG Criteria while implementing the hydro and renewable energy (RE) projects

Not limited to this, Urja ESG aim to promote ESG integration within other private sector

Provide support service to assess if the ESG compliance and regulatory requirements have been met and further prepare EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) and IEE (Initial Environmental Examination) as required

Support the ESG-friendly Policy Formulation process at various levels to ensure the sustainability of ESG practices within the private sector

    Assess if the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) requirements have been met

    Support in acquiring relevant ESHS certifications or general improvement of company ESHS performance

      Conduct audits to assess a company’s carbon footprint, energy consumption, resource use and pollution emissions and reduction of the same

        Facilitate the Environmental & Social Risk Management (ESRM) process


          Climate Issues Mitigation

          Carry out sustainability & development related works

          Contribute to the mitigation of climate change issues, advise environmental policy and law formulation, starting of sustainable businesses, implementation of ESMS


          Consultation and Training

          Conduct training, seminars, and networking events related to ESHS practices in the private sector

          Provide consulting and advisory services on ESHS management and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities