Why Choose Us

Our Actions Speak

Our actions speak more than words. The top reason to choose Urja is the organized ecosystem it entails.


Urja growing as a One-Door Solution for all Hydropower and Renewable Energy Needs is stead fastening through Urja Engineering and Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Urja Services Pvt. Ltd., Urja ESG Pvt. Ltd., and Urja Trade International Pvt. Ltd.

Likewise, the Urja Group’s organized SBUs are not solely steered toward achieving the company’s 1GW carbon-neutral energy target by 2030 but are also contributing to the Nepal Government’s longer-term aim of generating all of its electricity from renewable sources.

Throughout all its professional giveaways, Urja prioritizes sustainability standards and meticulously applies its corporate DNA. What makes Urja distinct from others is the following GETBIG DNA.

Green Minds

Ecosystem Approach to Partnerships

True to Profession

Best-in-the-Industry Capabilities

Induced by Challenges

Genuine to stakeholders